Recommended Reading by your Rheumatologist, Dr. Paul Howard

Younger Next Year Book - Arthritis Health

Do you want to feel younger and delay aging? Learn how you can grow younger and live with newfound vitality and pleasure.

It is at your fingertips, this book combines our recommendations to promote a healthier and more independent life.

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Once you read it, you will be sharing this knowledge with all whom you care about and care for.

New York Times Bestselling Authors Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy-Until You’re 80 and Beyond!

It is easy to read, the science is right, and if one follows Henry Lodge’s and Chris Crowley’s recommendations, both mental and physical aging can be delayed. We wish all of our patients would follow their advice.

“This is the best self help book I have ever read. It is practical, funny and down to earth. Following their recommendations is truly easy and life changing”. Paul F Howard MD