Welcome back Theresa Weller O’Hara

Theresa Weller O'Hara - Infusion Nurse

Welcoming back our infusion nurse, Theresa Weller O’Hara RN, BSN

Starting this month, we welcome back Theresa Weller O’Hara, RN BSN. She has been our infusion nurse extraordinaire since 2012 so many of you know her well.

Arthritis Health had contacted a company who provided our infusions over the past year and we are eager to offer infusions directly through our office again. This has the advantages of infusions in the same office as your doctor, at a lower cost as compared to the hospital, and more convenient expanded hours. And most importantly, Theresa will be doing and monitoring all infusions.

We look forward to offering these expanded services with continued high quality and consistency that you expect and deserve.

Theresa’s enthusiasm certainly shows. “Last night,” she said, “my fortune cookie read: You are about to embark on a Delightful Journey. That being said; I’m BACK, and on board full time here at Arthritis Health. Come see me for your next infusion!”.

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