Arthritis Health is now providing Vitamin and Mineral Infusions

Vitamin and Mineral Infusion Therapy

What are micronutrients?

Micronutrition refers to vitamins and minerals. They have names like pyroxidine, thiamine, biotin, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Micronutrients participate in your body’s chemistry as cofactors for many different enzymatic processes, which span from energy production, supporting healthy sleep and circadian rhythms, maintaing healthy hair and skin, and keeping your joints pain free and healthy.

Why does this matter?

We derive our micronutrients from the food we eat, but oftentimes we fall short. Processed and convenience foods, meal skipping, and not eating enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis are the common culprits. Even the most diligent of us sometimes miss the mark with our lifestyle habits.

Couple this with environmental inputs, daily stressors and ongoing health conditions, which increase your need for micronutrients, and you have a recipe for trouble. Even the most diligent of us could use some extra help! You might ask, “Why don’t I just take a multivitamin?” Well, the quality across brands varies tremendously and there is the potential for impaired digestive capacity as we age.

What can you do about these issues?

Vitamin and mineral infusions help give you an extra boost to help fill the gaps in your current nutritional strategy and help compensate for any increased need. Benefits include: increased energy, better sleep, improved mood, less brain fog and reduced pain.

We invite you to call the clinic and try out an infusion any time! Don’t delay now and book an infusion at the introductory rate of $50!


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