“Help us help you!” Some tips from your Medical Assistants.

Help us help you - medical tips

“Help us help you!” Some tips from your Medical Assistants.

From the Medical Assistants:

*If you have a blood draw scheduled for fasting labs, please make sure you are fasting. That means, no food or drinks after 10pm or midnight the night prior. Medications cannot be taken until the blood draw is completed as it will affect the blood results. Water is perfectly fine to drink as it will keep you hydrated for the lab draw.

*Medication lists are crucial to the intake process. If you have a long medication list and you don’t bring it with you to the visit, it shortens the amount of time you have to spend with the providers as we have to go over every single medication on the list in our system.

*Medication refills should be called into your pharmacy to have them send us a request. A voice message will take longer to respond to, than a request sent electronically from the pharmacy.

*Use the portal! The portal is an excellent way to communicate with the providers and the medical staff in office much faster than leaving a voice message. You can also review lab results posted in the chart, review diagnosis, review the most recent office note in case something is forgotten over time. The portal access allows you to request appointment cancellations or to request an appointment.

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