Testing for food sensitivity – Could Healthy Food be Hurting You?

Can healthy eating impact your arthritis

Insights from your Naturopath, William Mitchell NMD “Testing for food sensitivity – Could Healthy Food be Hurting You?”

It’s clear that your diet can impact your inflammatory arthritis and other autoimmune disease. You may be familiar with elimination strategies within diets that call for avoidance of certain foods. Some common culripits include gluten, grains, dairy and nightshades.

Healthy foods causing harm?

This is certainly a good strategy, and many struggling with chronic inflammatory diseases note great relief from these approaches. But sometimes there are other culprits that don’t end up on the radar because they’re considered universally healthy foods. It could really be any food out there… broccoli, raisins, spinach, lentils, etc.

Studies looking at food hypersensitivity in autoimmune disease

A study published in the Lancet looking at patients with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease that sometimes results in arthritis, found that patients were reacting to commonly eaten healthy foods including bananas, broccoli, cabbage, kale, lamb and fish. Some of the patients were able to put their disease into remission with strict avoidance of these foods.

One of the most studied rheumatologic diseases in the area of food hypersensitivity has been rheumatoid arthritis. Investigators Gamlin and Brostoff reviewed all publications relating food hypersensitivity to rheumatoid arthritis. They concluded that food sensitivity is relevant in up to 35% of patients.

The gold standard for determining what foods are actually triggering your inflammation is a strict elimination diet where you essentially cut your diet down to foods with the highest probability of being hypoallergenic, such as rice and codfish. From there you methodically introduce foods one at a time in order to identify triggers. For many, this isn’t a feasible approach.

An easier way to find out if your food is serving you

Food sensitivity tests are blood tests that look at commonly eaten foods that could be perpetuating inflammation in your body. Instead of going through a rigorous and potentially detrimental classic elimination approaches, the test can provide more rapid insight and tell you whether or not something considered healthy that you are eating are hurting you!

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