July 2012

July 2012

In this issue we have a heartfelt thank you for a successful Zoo Walk as well as a great tip for exercise during the heat of Arizona summer. In addition, we have a special treat for you in July. With our approach to Comprehensive Care, your practitioners at Arthritis Health often address diet and its role in health and disease. To learn more about this, we have scheduled a special evening with an expert Raw Vegan chef. This should be a great event, please read more below and reserve your spot.

As always, we thank you for allowing us to be part of your health care.

Your Staff at Arthritis Health,

Paul Howard, MD
Nisha Manek, MD
Amanda Herron, PA-C
Leslie Axelrod, NMD
Keith Wilkinson, NMD
Kim Rowen, MA
Monica Ross, MA
Michael Davisworth, Office Mgr
Sandra Amperano, Front Office
Jotina Steinheiser, Front Office

Thank You for Making our Team #1!

Your AH Skywalkers Zoo Walk Team

Arthritis Health’s team for the Arthritis Foundation’s 2012 Zoo Walk raised more $$$ than any other medical practice team.  We were the “TOP DOC” team this year and we thank everyone who walked, donated, or provided support for our team.  We walked for Vincent Casamasa, a young man with juvenile arthritis and Crohn’s disease.  Vincent lead our team, the Skywalkers, a name he chose,  to the finish line after a terrific tour of the Phoenix Zoo.  We did it with all of your help from many sources.    That is emblematic of successful care for arthritis — help from many sources, especially diet, supplements, exerice and medications.   Thank you Vincent – Thank you donors – Thank you all of the Skywakers.

Raw Vegan Class at Arthritis Health

Come Learn about Raw Vegan Eating and . . . Sample Great Food!!!

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of less meat consumption or the health claims of raw food? Have you tried eating raw and have found it unappealing, too expensive, or time consuming? Well do we have a treat for you.

We have arranged for raw vegan chef, Ms. Haley Cloud of LivingRawbyGrace.com to come to Arthritis Health. Chef Haley will offer a great evening explaining her road to health through healthy eating, a demonstration of raw food preparation, as well as an opportunity to taste her amazing food.

According to Chef Haley – “You can learn how to lose weight permanently, how to cure chronic disease, and how to feel and look your best. I will equip you with 3-4 recipes that are healthy, easy, quick, and inexpensive to prepare. This will help you incorporate more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds into your lifestyle. Learn more about raw foods and their healing properties as we gather together to make delicious, yet incredibly simple dishes. Come and ask all the questions you can think of, receive applicable information that will help you to incorporate more raw foods into your life, and be inspired to a healthier you!”

Dr. Wilkinson has attended her classes, sampled her recipes and can attest to her incredible health story and the tastiness of her food. Additionally, if you have already been working with Dr. Wilkinson, everything Chef Haley promotes is consistent with what he recommends to his patients.

The class details are:

When – Wednesday, July 18th, 6-8 pm
Where – Arthritis Health
Cost – $5.00 including food. WOW. What a deal!!!

This will be a great evening of learning and food sampling. Bring your spouse and friends. However, space is limited so please register soon.

There are two ways to register.
1. Go to www.LivingRawbyGrace.com
2. Contact Arthritis Health at 480 609-4200, or stop at the front desk

To learn more, go to

We look forward to seeing you.

Arthritis Tip of the Month

Water Jogging to beat the Arizona Summer.

Many of you know that Dr. Howard has only one acceptable “hall pass” for not exercising 30 minutes a day – It is TOO HOT to do it in Arizona during the summer.

Because of the heat it can be hard to meet the challenge of exercising 30 minutes a day, 210 minutes a week – the goal set by all the practitioners at Arthritis Health. However, there is a solution with WATER WALKING or JOGGING.

Find a pool near you and walk 30 minutes every day. Add some paddles, and you have an enhanced upper or lower extremity workout.

Walking or jogging in the water burns 563 calories per hour if you weigh 155 pounds, and 654 calories an hour if you weigh 180 pounds. Water running burns 11.5 calories per minute compared to 8 calories per minute when running on land.

Water vs. Land – You work harder against the resistance of water to move forward than you do on land, says Dr. Robert Wilder, physiologist and the director of sports rehabilitation at the University of Virginia, because water is 800 times denser than air. You build muscle and improve cardiovascular health water-walking. Combine it with weight bearing exercise to build strength and maintain bone density.

Suggestions for water accessories:
Water Paddles – click here
Aqua Jogger Shoes – click here
Aqua Jogger Supplies – click here