February 2013

In this issue we have news on the upcoming Arthritis Foundation Arthritis Walk 2013 at the Phoenix Zoo. This is a great event and raises money for arthritis research. We would love to have you support us and be a part of our team. Next is a link to a great article about naturopathic medicine and juvenile arthritis. It exemplifies the type of comprehensive care available at Arthritis Health. The last article is a short update on vaccinations.

As always, we thank you for allowing us to be part of your health care.

– Your Staff at Arthritis Health

Got 30? – Arthritis Walk 2013

The entire staff at Arthritis Health would like you to join our walk team this year to support the Arthritis Foundation and their mission to find cures for arthritis. Our team “Got 30?” will be walking on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 at 8 am at the Phoenix Zoo.

Come join us – either by signing up for our team or by pledging a donation. Both are easy to do – just follow simple directions below. We welcome you to join us to find healthier ways to live with and hopefully eradicate arthritis.

Here is how to help

Join Got 30? team, via the web at – www.AZarthritiswalk.org

1. Click on the green button on left of screen REGISTER

2 Select “I agree”

3. Select “Join a Team”

4. Type our team name “Got 30?” into second box down.

5. You have 2 options at this point:

1. To Donate Only – click “Got 30?” under Team Name, or

2. To Join Our Team – click “join team” under Action

Bonus for You

RAISE $100 – All “Got 30?” team members that raise or donate $100 will receive a special Team Got 30? T-shirt to be worn on the day of the walk, whether you are with us at the Zoo or are “virtually” walking.


We are asking all who join the Got 30? team to raise $100. For every additional $100 raised, you will receive $80 of Arthritis Health Bucks redeemable for Yoga/Tai Chi classes or towards discounts of retail items and supplements.

Raise $200 and you receive Arthritis Health bucks worth $80

Raise $300 and you receive Arthritis Health Bucks worth $160

Raise even more – you do the math!. The sky Is the limit.

Why the name “Got 30?”

We have incorporated our mission of helping people with arthritis live healthier and less painful lives with the Arthritis Foundation Walk 2013. The team name, got 30? directly relates to what we advise all our Arthritis Health patients to strive for – 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day. Exercise complements other therapies to control arthritis and promotes a better level of health.

Where to Start?

Join Got 30? team as described above, then: Start a daily exercise program – walk , cycle, swim , yoga, tai chi – any movement exercise – start with what you can do – even 10 minutes is great and gradually build on this a minute or two a week until you arrive at 30 minutes a day.

Naturopathic Care and Juvenile Arthritis

by – Keith Wilkinson, NMD

At Arthritis Health I have the opportunity to work with children affected by the childhood autoimmune disease Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), formerly called Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Children often respond very well to naturopathic care and it is great to see a significant improvement in the child’s health. Unfortunately, many parents do not know about naturopathic medicine and it is often months to years after diagnosis that I begin working with them. Recently, the NY Times had an article about naturopathic care and JIA.

It is the story of a 5 year old boy diagnosed with JIA and the mother’s search for care outside of conventional medicine. Her search for alternative options is the struggle I hear from many new patients. However, the subsequent use of naturopathic care focused on diet and gastro-intestinal health is similar to the treatments I use with my patients. The end of the article gives a simple explanation of intestinal permeability and its possible link to auto-immunity, a topic I discuss with all my auto-immune patients.

The progression of the young boy from the use Naproxen and Methotrexate, beginning naturopathic care, weaning off the medication and going into disease remission, is a pattern I have seen with many of my JIA patients. In fact, I forwarded this NY Times article to the mother of a patient I have worked with and she stated “Wow . . . this story is nearly 99% accurate . . to the medical journey I had with my son.” Even better, her son is now nearing his 1 year anniversary of disease remission!!

If you know someone with JIA, or other auto-immune condition, please forward this newsletter and article to them. The information is applicable to children and adults. It is a great introduction to naturopathic medicine and its approach to a difficult disease.

To read the NY Times article click here.

Vaccination News

Flu Vaccine
We still have a limited supply of Flu Vaccines available. If you have yet to receive a vaccination this season, please call Arthritis Health at 480-609-4200 or email – front.desk@arthritishealth.net to arrange to receive one.

Whooping Cough
Pertussis, better known as Whooping Cough, is not only a disease of children. Adolescents and adults are at risk for this bacterial illness that can cause a prolonged cough even in healthy people. Whooping cough is occurring more frequently and is a serious preventable infection.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) revised their recommendations last year urging all people to receive a one-time booster vaccination of pertussis as an adult. We certainly concur with this recommendation, especially for those who have autoimmune conditions or who have to take medications that surpress the immune system. The adult pertussis vaccination is the Tdap vaccine that is available at Arthritis Heatlh. Remember – once as a child, once again as an adult.

Call our office 480 609-4200 or email front.desk@arthritisheatlh.net to arrange to receive one.

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