December 2012

It is early December and we hope your holiday season is getting off to a good start.In this issue we have an update on changes to your physician staff and hospital services offered by your physicians at Arthritis Health. Next is an article regarding compounded steroids as well as reassurances of your care at Arthritis Health as our nation takes on upcoming changes to our health care system.As always, we thank you for allowing us to be part of your health care.

-Your Staff at Arthritis Health

Dr. Manek Returns to Fulltime Research

Dr. Nisha Manek announced she will be returning to full time research beginning in early December. She joined the staff at Arthritis Health in December 2011 and provided consultative rheumatologic care part-time while she continued her research endeavors.

She has been highly productive this past year advancing her research in energy medicine. With two peer reviewed original papers accepted for publication and ongoing experiments planned, she has a full plan of work to advance her interest in a unique field of medicine. She also presented several lectures around the country this past year and will continue to educate physicians and researchers about her research.

We wish her continued success in her research activities and have invited her to return to provide an update in 2013 at Arthritis Health in Scottsdale.

Hospital Care offered by Arthritis Health

Did you know your Arthritis Health physicians practice “old-time” medicine. In addition to the private Arthritis Health office, we can go to Scottsdale Shea and Thompson Peak Hospitals to see new patients in consultation and provide ongoing rheumatologic care for our current patients when hospitalized. We feel that it is important to provide continuity of care between the office and hospital and who is better to do this than your doctor who knows you well.

If you are in the hospital, please let your attending physician know that we provide your outpatient rheumatologic care and if needed, are available for phone or inpatient consultation.

Also, if you are scheduled for elective surgery, please tell us in advance so we can appropriately advise you concerning pre-operative exercise, nutrition and adjustments of your medications to ensure a safe and rapid recovery.

Compounded Steroids and Arthritis Health

The recent tragedy of contaminated steroids causing meningitis and other infections that became public this autumn has raised many issues and concerns for patients and healthcare providers. At issue is the health and safety of patients exposed to compounded injectable steroid medications.

We want to assure all of our patients at Arthritis Health that we use only pharmaceutical grade injectable steroid medications that are supplied by FDA approved pharmaceutical companies.

We are concerned for your safety and want to assure you that our greatest concern is your health and safety. All the staff at Arthritis Health honors your confidence and trust.

ObamaCare – What will it mean?

In 2013, the transition of our health care system will continue with changes leading to full implementation in 2014-2016. As patients and physicians, we are all affected.

Some of these changes are obvious. Phasing out of pre-existing illness restrictions, removing medical condition, health status or claims experience in setting insurance premiums, expanding preventive care, and offering tax credits for Americans with incomes between 100-400% of the federal poverty line (about $88,000 for a family of 4).

The cost containment side of the equation is not well understood and has created uncertainly for all of us. How it will affect the patient’s freedom to determine and direct the care they receive or the care providers can deliver to their patients, are not known. We at Arthritis Health will try to periodically update you on the changes as we understand them.

However, with all this uncertainty, we are positive that three things will not change at Arthritis Health – high accessibility, a friendly environment, and superb quality of care.

Accessibility: Same day appoints when needed, E-Visits by request (Skype / Phone visits in place of face-to-face visits), phone calls returned promptly that day, multiple ways to contact our office (phone, email, fax or snail mail), same day refills, and an interactive website.

Friendly Office: We are a caring office comprised of uniquely helpful, personable professionals: From the person who answers your call to the on-call provider helping with your after hour emergencies.

Quality of Care: We provide the highest quality of diagnostic and therapeutic care – with a broad range of treatment modalities. We offer traditional rheumatic and naturopathic care, prolotherapy, acupuncture, and supervised yoga and tai chi movement therapies in a safe, caring environment.

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